Automatic & Manual Transmission Repair in Houma, LA

At R & M Transmission, we have been servicing Houma, LA and the surrounding areas for over 34 years.

We service all automatic & standard / manual transmission needs:


We are all aware that newer cars use a computer to control the engine. Many vehicles use the same computer to control the fuel injectors, ignition, transmission, etc. Automotive engineers did this in order to improve the efficiency of the vehicle's power train and gain better fuel mileage. Your vehicle's engine and transmission are connected together in more ways than simply being bolted together.


Consider that shudder you felt cruising down the highway. The computer is using sensors on the engine and transmission to detect such things as throttle position, vehicle speed, etc. As you drive the car, you are constantly changing the demands on the power train (acceleration, cruising, passing, coasting and idling). The computer recognizes and controls this by monitoring various sensors throughout the car's engine.


Without special equipment and training, no one would be able to tell if a shudder is caused by something slipping inside the transmission, the torque converter, a weak spark plug, a dirty fuel injection system, a loose electrical connection, and the list goes on. Our trained technicians are qualified and experienced to determine what service - if any - your transmission may need. Call us today!

We service all automatic & standard / manual transmission needs:

  • Automatic & manual / standard transmission repair & rebuilds
  • Clutch replacements & flywheel resurfacing
  • Differential service & repair (front, rear, ring & pinions)
  • Manual transmission hydraulic systems (master / slave cylinders & lines)
  • Transfer case repair
  • Transmission maintenance services
  • Transmission coolers - installation & flushing
  • Allison transmissions
  • Diagnosing & scanning - computer-controlled transmissions
  • Heavy duty towing packages available (some models)

Automatic/ Manual Transmission Maintenance Tips

Transmission Service

Have your transmission serviced regularly, as suggested by your vehicle manufacturer, if you want to get optimal economy and operation from your car.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

You should always watch for any oil spots where you park your vehicle. If you see any spots of red transmission fluid or suspect a leak, consult a certified automatic transmission shop as soon as possible. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that your transmission fluid and filter (if the disposable type) should be changed every 12,000 miles or annually.

Transmission Tune-Ups

Some transmissions use engine vacuums to control shift quality and hydraulic pressure. Therefore, engine tune-ups are critical in maintaining your vehicles performance and fuel economy.

Changes in Driving Characteristics

Pay attention to any changes in the way your car is driving. Late or early shifting, slippage between gears or any noise coming from the transmission or engine all need to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Putting off a repair could lead to more severe damage, resulting in more costly repairs.

Transmission Noises

Be alert to any noises coming from your vehicle. A car that operates quietly is usually a safe car. Some preventative maintenance by a competent mechanic can determine whether there are any potential problems lurking, as well as whether your vehicle is safe for commuting.

Transmission Temperatures

Check your vehicle's cooling system routinely. One of the major causes of premature transmission failure is excessive heat. Heavy loads can also cause overheating and significantly reduces the life of your transmission.